Forex Trading - RSI Signals; Some Signals You Should Know

Many traders including experts do not understand RSI, the Relative Strength Index. I often ask experienced traders concerning their trading methods in particular in regard to that they might use indicators in trading. I ask this question because Over the internet the utilization of RSI as the significant help to creating profits in trading Forex and also commodities, bonds, equities, and indexes.

One answer I acquire a lot is, No, Do not use indicates. I only use price. This is just too bad since you will see.

The other answer is more along the lines of Yes, only to confirm my enterprise. On the face of it this seems to seems sensible but looking closer why would you use something to be sure of a trade when it's not at all of prime importance?

Trading analyst almost invariably invoke this phrase, "Looking at lawn mower . indicators, the trade is overbought (or oversold) . . ." You read this on websites and you hear it on CNBC so it must be true. But nothing is further at the truth.

Overbought and Oversold are relative terms that do not have a meaning when it comes to momentum indicators, in fact, it can be shown that RSI end up being move into the lowest RSI levels (considered oversold) to start a downward trend, just the opposite of how much of an analyst would say. And vice versa for an uptrend. Of those ingredients called Range Shifts.

This is even more interesting the fact that RSI is one of the most used momentum indicators. Typical RSI rules are; sell at 70 RSI and purchase at 30 RSI. Seventy RSI is overbought and 30 RSI is oversold. This keep in mind is afoul. If you used those as signals you would blow your account very now.

Every trader who uses RSI, or wished to, needs conscious of that you will find 4 main trading signals on RSI:

Negative (Bearish) Divergence

Positive (Bullish) Divergence

Negative (Bearish) Reversal

Positive (Bullish) Reversal

My research shows some very revealing reasons for having these signs. For example, in a down trending market you would only to help trade Negative Reversals and Positive Divergences.

If you traded Negative Divergences, plus a stylish downward signal, you would lose money. That's because Negative Divergence is a retracement signal for Positive Reversals in an up trending market.

The evidence course consistantly improves pudding so it's said. Here is some real data that shows the contrast of how these signals work.

A trader trading using each of the above signals your market first 1 / 2 of 2010 would have seen these results in pips make money.

Negative (Bearish) Divergence (-204 pips on 32 trades)

Positive (Bullish) Divergence (5,761 pips on 91 trades)

Negative (Bearish) Reversal (14,734 pips on 164 trades)

Positive (Bullish) Reversal (-5418 pips on 135 trade)

Those are phenomenal differences and show the distinct value of knowing each kind of trade signal that RSI produces and which to trade in real estate market conditions.

To be a better trader learn correct principles of methods to trade RSI and also you will view you profits in order to grow.


Paul Dean is an established Forex Trading teacher and owner. An expert in using RSI he has put himself through a self-imposed PhD course in Forex reading hundreds of books and articles and participating in nationally recognized trading packages. He is the author of RSI Fundamentals: Beginning to Advanced and also the developer for the RSI PRO trading system and blogs daily at

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