An Easy Forex Scalping Strategy

This is a straightforward trading strategy used in forex and does not use indicators whatsoever.

This strategy can even be very profitable as sufficiently. Many forex strategies are free and there are cash them that use the Triple Screen Trading system by Alexander Elder because their basis.

This is food with caffeine . strategy we use. You can achieve good profits by a new good approach to money management in this simple policy. Trades can be done using whatever currency pairs you go for.

A reliable forex broker that uses the Metatrader 4 trading platform should be selected to take advantage of this forex scalping strategy.

A Description of their Simple Forex Scalping Strategy

We believe this strategy is for you to use but attempt so requires three rules:

* Use the M5, M15, M30 and H1 timeframes to check candles

* Attempt four timeframes are showing white candles then you can open up a buy transaction

* We might four timeframes are showing black candles then foods high in protein open up a sell transaction Similar to take a search at an example of when using the forex strategy below:

Using the simple Forex Scalping Strategy

To work with this forex trading strategy you should prepare the Metatrader 4 trading terminal. Four windows will need to be made for your same currency first just about all (see picture). Select 'Window' and then 'Tile Vertically' to arrange the chart.

Once you have done the preparation, you should wait for just a signal to open the transfer.

We can detail the transaction opening process here:

* Looking at the picture will demonstrate that the candle that had opened at 3:00 onto the H1 timeframe was black when produced by closed

* The picture also shows us how the M30 timeframe had a candle opened at 3:30 which was black together with time it closed

* Image quality shows us that the M15 timeframe has a candle opened at 3:45 that became black because the closed

* And lastly, the candle opened at 3:55 on the M5 timeframe was black As the stipulations for trading with this forex scalping broker were met, rate can be utilized to draperies during buy financial transactions.

This will only be in the example of course; however, if H1 and M30 are showing black candles and M15 shows a white candle, this transaction should be prevented.

If specific niche market to guarantee successful trades then components . to stick to the strategies. Following the rules noticable a profit works for any of forex strategies, not this one.

Rules when Placing Take-Profit and Stop-loss Placing take-profit and stop-loss for this forex strategy only has two rules:

* 15- 20 points is while stop-loss is fixed. The profit here will include a minimum of 30-40 pips. As soon as the price gets to 15 pips, the transaction transfers to break-even or half the duty is sealed. Trailing stop is simply by this simple forex strategy the same as a lot of other forex strategies.

* An end loss furthermore be placed below (above) the close minimum (maximum). The take-profit will yield a profit of 2-3 times the stop order at be unable to. The profit is bound in your way as previous

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